Better Accountability

Ensure transparency so that ratepayers know how their money is spent. Focus on outcomes. Report progress regularly and clearly.

The Lord Mayor spends $3.9 million each year to run her personal office.

It is believed -- as the information is not made public -- this includes a staff of 22 -- a personal driver, a chief of staff, a deputy chief of staff, three secretaries, two media advisers and five policy advisers. From 2004/2005 to the present, according to information provided by the CEO, Lord Mayor Clover Moore has spent a whopping $50.77 million on her office! 

Putting aside the exorbitance of this amount, ratepayers deserve to know the details of exactly how this money is spent.

In the time I have been a councillor for the city, approaching almost five years, I have created a set of policies to achieve my vision for a better Sydney. Take a look:

  • To ensure better accountability, we must:
    • Ensure transparency so that ratepayers know how their money is spent. Focus on delivery by focusing on outcomes, and reporting progress on our key activities publicly, prominently and clearly.
      • Ensure the City of Sydney is a model landlord and leads by example so that we can use publicly owned spaces to their maximum benefit to the people of Sydney.
      • Clean up the City’s existing property management by conducting a comprehensive audit of the City’s portfolio, considering their history, state of repair, occupancy and current and future use
      • Ensure the high quality maintenance and improvement of all shared spaces including, footpaths, parks and roads
      • Conduct a management review of the office of Lord Mayor, and introduce 360 degree evaluation for all senior council staff annually. Ensure that new members appointed to the Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee are assessed by an independent panel
      • Reject all-expenses paid trips funded by foreign governments. Ensure that the City of Sydney funds any necessary overseas trips by staff or councillors
      • Make Council more accountable and transparent by allowing members of the public to address council meetings, and provide a live online audio & visual feed of public meetings