Better Affordable Housing

We must increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness across the City of Sydney.

Unlike previous attempts to address housing, which have often read as sweeping statements of ambition rather than concrete plans for action, the city must focus on tangible policies and provide greater clarity over how my plan will be implemented.

In the time I have been a councillor for the city, approaching almost five years, I have created a set of policies to achieve this vision for a better Sydney. Take a look.

To ensure better affordable housing, we must:

  • Increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness across the City of Sydney.

  • End the unrealistic targets on affordable housing that never get met. Set honest and achievable targets to ensure new housing is built.
  • Make sure new affordable housing provides for the essential workers including nurses, teachers, transport workers and police, as well as First Nations people and people at risk of or experiencing homelessness
  • Consider alternative models of affordable housing including build-to-rent and supporting a wider range of affordable housing providers
  • It is vital that we look at developing new forms of housing to meet the future needs of Sydney, such as community land trusts, co-housing, and housing which allows older Sydneysiders to downsize.
  • I will do more to protect the unique character of Sydney’s communities while delivering the new and affordable homes we need to cope with the new challenges of a shifting population demographics since the COVID19 pandemic.