Better Recovery for Business

Rebuild a stronger, greener, healthier Sydney during and after the COVID19 pandemic.

In the time I have been a councillor for the city, approaching almost five years, I have created a set of policies to achieve my vision for a better Sydney. Take a look:

  • We need to create an environment where Sydney’s businesses and local industries can thrive into the future and create employment opportunities.
  • We can do much more to encourage Sydney’s continued growth and prosperity and opportunities for employment. Engagement with industry – from small independents and start-ups to global corporations needs to be a key part of decision making at Town Hall.

I would:

  • Launch a ‘Sydney is Open’ campaign to promote and celebrate the eclectic mix of businesses in the CBD and the unique character of the villages that contribute to the city’s character.
  • Transform Sydney into a "smart city" by integrating digital technologies and city-wide data analysis to respond in real time to our citizens’ needs.
  • Develop a cyber-security strategy, led by the City’s Chief Digital Officer, working with the police and security services to ensure Sydneysiders and businesses have the information and resources they need to maximise business opportunities and to stay safe online.
  • Help to break down the obstacles that hold back Sydney’s businesses and affect their competitiveness; streamline the process for DAs, licensing and permits for businesses to make it easier to operate during the pandemic and in the post-COVID era
  • Extend the City’s reactivation programs and renovations of our laneways and footpaths to increase business opportunities. Encourage the development of smaller commercial spaces on short-term leases in order to help manage the risk to business as they recover from the impact of COVID19
  • Lead the night-time economy revival by facilitating a full mix of entertainment options including comedy, small bars and live music and ensure we have the infrastructure such as CCTV, lighting, drug & alcohol services, toilets and public transport to safely support it.
  • Explore opportunities to make it easier to use available space as creative and performance spaces.
  • Create a Business Advisory Board – made up of experts, not of political allies – to provide the Council with guidance and insight to examine the unnecessary barriers to opening up in Sydney and to provide feedback on Council policies and procedures.