Better Support for the Arts

The cultural sector has paid a heavy price because of COVID-19. Protecting and helping this vibrant industry as we look to recover should be a core priority in the City of Sydney.

Culture is often trivialised as a luxury rather than a source of employment and tourism revenue. My aim is to support the entire cultural ecosystem -- the freelancers, the supply chain, the grass-routes venues, the artist studios.

In the time I have been a councillor for the city, approaching almost five years, I have created a set of policies to achieve better support for the arts in Sydney. Take a look:

In order to better support the arts, we must:

  • Provide a faster recovery for arts and culture.
  • Produce a Cultural Infrastructure Map for 2030 to identify what we need in order to establish Sydney’s future as a cultural capital. It will map the city’s cultural assets from recording studios, museums, libraries and local venues to art galleries and performance spaces. It will offer new tools to help the City of Sydney and developers embed culture in the city.
  • I want all Sydneysiders - regardless of age, faith, ethnicity, gender, background, sexuality or postcode - to have the opportunity to engage and interact equally with our amazing culture.
  • Create the Lord Mayor’s annual poetry prize to amplify the voices of those who can capture our current moment best through language
  • Make sure we don’t lose the next generation of artists to COVID19 shutdowns by funding the smaller institutions. Broaden the grant funding process for local artists and expand the cultural diversity of our funding system.