24 Sep 2020

Bridge Road Safety Audit

The pop-up cycling route on Bridge Road in Glebe is not safe.

I support the completion of a connected network of cycleways in Sydney.

I ride a bike myself and safety is a top priority.

But there needs to be proper design and planning, including safety assessments before construction begins.

We heard at the City of Sydney council meeting on Monday night that the Bridge Road pop-up cycleway in Glebe had been forced through with no prior safety assessment or design planning.

A professional safety audit commissioned by residents in the Glebe/Forest Lodge area -- at their own cost -- has identified 26 areas including several at high risk of causing serious or catastrophic injury to cyclists and pedestrians.

The Bridge Road route must be closed and moved to a more appropriate and safe location.

Please add your name to my petition asking for a safer solution.

You can read the safety audit by following this link.