05 Feb 2021

City of Sydney Ignored 2015 Bridge Road Safety Audit

The City of Sydney has been accused of ignoring a secret safety audit which recommended against the current site of a contentious pop-up Glebe cycleway.

The revelations, which include that Glebe's Bridge Road had 700 per cent more vehicle traffic than recommended for mixed-use travel, are contained in a 2015 document unearthed by a local community group using NSW Freedom Of Information laws.

The report was commissioned by the City in 2015 when it proposed new measures to improve cycle routes along Glebe’s Bridge Road, plans it later scrapped.

However, the same route was revived last year when the authority and Transport NSW used emergency powers driven by the COVID-19 pandemic to install a pop-up cycleway.

That was despite the earlier report finding Bridge Rd carried 20,000 vehicles per day when the recommended levels for mixed-traffic were 3000 or less.

The report was never shown publicly despite requests that previous safety audits be made available to the community by me last year.

Community group Friends of Bridge Road accessed it through public information laws in 2020, after self-funding a safety audit of the cycleway, which identified 26 'danger zones' where there were risks of cyclists being hit.

I am shocked that councillors have never been shown this safety report and that it took the tenacity of local residents to bring it to light. 

It is absolutely clear that this cycleway is in the wrong place. It is essential that every safety issue is fixed as a matter of urgency.