09 May 2020

Mother's Day Dilemna

Many of us can find Mother’s Day difficult, or even distressing.

You may be mourning the loss of your mother and this is a day that reminds you how much you miss her. Maybe you and your mother are estranged. Maybe you would like to be a mother, but it wasn’t to be. Or maybe you can’t be with your mother for some reason.

This year is particularly tough for many of us.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic, there may be strict restrictions on travel or visiting because it is just not safe in some parts of our country to have family get-togethers. Even in places where visits are allowed you will still need to carefully consider the safety of your particular situation.

Outside gatherings, say in the backyard, are safer than indoors. But it may not be legal right now to gather in a park.

Think about the medical risk to older family members or anyone in your family with a health condition. Obviously don’t visit if anyone in the group has any symptoms.

Also think about whether you can manage physical distancing during a visit. That’s still important and it’s pretty much impossible with toddlers.

If you are not confident that you can meet up safely, you could phone, Facetime or Zoom, as we have all been doing.

Maybe a drive-past?

That’s what our family will be doing because our grandsons are toddlers. Luis is just a year old and Billy is almost three.

Or you could consider deferring Mothers’ Day to a time down the track when COVID-19 is eliminated and we can all truly celebrate.