Register to Vote

More than ever, if you live, run a business, own or rent property in Sydney, you should have your say in the 2021 Council elections.

Who is eligible?


Most people know that residents can vote in the City of Sydney elections. But did you know that businesses can also vote?

In fact, businesses get up to two votes!

What is less well understood is that this includes people, not just the business itself; it also applies to people and businesses that rent property in Sydney.

Owners (non-residents)

Any non-resident who owns or rents property in Sydney but doesn't live there is entitled to vote. 

What’s worth noting is that each of the examples below are entitled to two votes:

A couple owning a second house in Sydney that is let out to rent

A person or a business owning one or more offices in Sydney

A business owning, leasing or renting property in Sydney

How do I enrol?

If you're a resident in the City of Sydney, you can check your enrolment details with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Make sure you enter your details exactly as they will appear on the electoral roll. Otherwise you may not be able to vote in the Council elections in September 2021.

Property owners should be automatically enrolled by the City.

You can check your enrolment by calling the City electoral office on 1800 101 667, or email: [email protected]

All others must complete the City's online form at Non-Residential Enrolment or download the form at City of Sydney Non-Residential Application.

If you are eligible, you are required to enrol before 4 July, 2021. Sydney Council elections are compulsory.