12 Jan 2021

Save the Franklyn Street Estate, Glebe

I met with Janet Wahlquist and Ian Stephenson of The Glebe Society to take a look at the Franklyn Street estate, in inner-city Glebe, where Government want to demolish housing for more than 100 public housing tenants for a new development with hundreds of private apartments.

True, the new development will increase public housing – but only by 15 bedrooms! The bulk of the new homes will go to private owners. That will do little to tackle the public housing wait list of 60,000 people.

What's more, in order to accommodate all the extra people, current height limits will be increased from 15 to 42 metres and the existing gardens will be removed and replaced with new roads. The area will be hugely dense -- the built area is 4.3 times the site area.

The current homes are on a human scale. They are little more than 30 years old and are in good condition. There are community gardens, trees and lawns. There is a thriving community.

Let's not trash this legacy of good public policy and town planning and threaten this delicate area.

If you'd like to get involved, I urge you to contact the community group, Hands Off Glebe.